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P500 Pig mode…

    In 2019, while we finalize the production and delivery of Heroes of Stalingrad, we will gradually get back […]

HoBR booklets available for download

  Following the sending of pre-orders and the first orders from HoBR, we had feedback on the booklets. The FR […]

A new scenario for HoBR to download

      There’s nothing like a good fight between orks to warm up before you go slamming Ultramarines. You […]

Modification of the price list and Christmas offer

  As you may know, we have used the past few weeks to reorganize ourselves, to speed up projects that […]

Heroes of Black Reach available for order !

    Good news: Heroes of Black Reach is now available for direct order on the website! Find Captain Sicarius […]

Heroes of Black Reach Preorders

Hello everyone! Here is some information about the Heroes of Black Reach orders: – If you have placed a mixed […]

P&P – Battleground Set 4 – Woods & Hills

For a couple of months now, I’ve been releasing multiple Print & Play punchboards for Heroes of Normandie and Shadows […]

La Waaagh Taverne accueille la communauté Heroes System

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.       A partir du jeudi 11 octobre 2018, j’animerai une […]

Thank you!

Hello everyone, We thank you for all the messages of encouragement, support and aid proposals we have received, it warms […]

HoBR pre-orders: soon at your home!

We saw that many of you were worried about Heroes of Black Reach. Here is where the situation is, it […]