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News From The Great Patriotic War

The factory told us this week that they are a month late. The production will be finished the 9th of […]

News from The HoN P500

Hi every body. The Heroes of Normandie P500 arrived in our warehouse and will be dispatched, starting on Wednesday the […]

Successful incantation!!!!!

    The second P500 Shadows over Normandy ended at 6:00 pm. And what else can I say?   THANK […]

The deadline is approaching!!!!!

    The P500 Shadows over Normandy is already a success. It is not too late to participate.  On Monday, […]

Let’s walk in the woods….

    Rather than talking to you about the possibilities offered by the Battleground Set Wood & Hills, I prefer […]

What’s up Ghoulie?

  A couple of days ago, I showed you the punchboards for Cthulhu Mythos Call 4 which lets you add […]

Objective achieved!!!!!

  Thanks to your mobilization, the P500 campaign of Shadows of Normandy is validated! I would like to thank you […]

All that stuff is beautiful and all, but how the hell do I store it?

  In the current P500 campaign, you can get a new generic storage box for Shadows over Normandie. Today I’d […]

Double birthday!

  Two birthdays at once. The 75th birthday of the D Day and the 5h birthday of Heroes of Normandie. […]

Chief, I feel rather strange when I hear them chanting…

  A couple of days ago, I unveiled the punchboard for The Choir of Nightmares:   Today, I’ll show […]