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Shipping Gazette America / Asia / Oceania

Hello all, Our manufacture will ship Gazette english version for America, Asia and Oceania by plane on Monday. Iello US […]

Movie : Fury

Hello everyone, The Devil Pig Team has just seen together the film Fury and are coming with numerous ideas of […]

New moderator for french forum

Hello everybody, I am pleased to inform you that 1 new moderator arrives on the french forum : – jm974 […]

New moderator for english and german forums

Hello everybody, I am pleased to inform you that 2 new moderators arrive on the english and german forums : […]

Shadows over Normandie : the last hero

And now, please welcome the last, but not the least, of our guest : oberleutnant Ziegler. The werewolves reign begins […]

Shadows over Normandie : new hero illustration (again)

Welcome to Super Girl!

Shadows over Normandie : new hero illustration

The Captain from Guardian Chronicles universe is here! Tomorrow, a second hero from this universe!

Purple Heart

Hi Everybody We have a bit of a news for you and unfortunately it is not a good news. We […]

[UPDATED] HoN: New version of rules book, scenario booklets and spanish version

Hello everyone! Before anything, thanks to all of you for your patience! We are proud to present you the new […]

Shadows over Normandie Contest

Principle is very simple and  you know it already. Post on the Shadows over Normandie Kickstarter update #16 page the […]