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A Pig Back From Hell – News

Hello soldiers!   #Production > A Pig Back From Hell As announced in last month’s update, we confirm that production […]

B Movies

During times of war, soldiers need to take off the pressure! And for that, nothing beats a good B Movie! […]

SoN Conversion Deck available on the Kickstarter

  Cultists, sorcerers, investigators, and other deep ones… A few days ago, we asked you if you were interested in […]

The Deck Boxes & Sleeves are back from hell!

Soldiers! This kickstarter is an opportunity to reprint our Heroes system sleeves decks that are always out of stock. It’s […]

Sympathy for the Devil !

  This Kickstarter campaign was the occasion for me to see one of my creations come to life: the FFI […]

Heroes of Normandie Cards decks V2

Here’s a little news post explaining the new and improved action cards. After the first edition of Heroes of Normandie, […]


  With A Pig Back from Hell”, upgrade your favorite Devil Pig games! A collector pledge, V2 decks for Heroes of […]

A Pig Back From Hell

[A Pig Back From Hell] 🐷🔥 Our next campaign will be live in a week on #Kickstarter on Tuesday, April 28th! We need […]

A Pig Back from Hell!

Dear soldiers, as announced recently on our page it is time to raise the pig from its ashes! 🐽🔥 👉 […]

Heroes of Stalingrad Dispatch News 01/17/2020

Hello fellow soldiers! #Fulfillment timeline US: -> 99% completed. The only unshipped ones are ones that had address changes and […]