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Double birthday!

  Two birthdays at once. The 75th birthday of the D Day and the 5h birthday of Heroes of Normandie. […]

P500 – Battleground Set #4 – Woods & Hills Preview

  Numerous members of the community pointed out that the swamps and caves of the Shadows over Normandie core box […]

P500 – Final straight

    You only have until 6:00 p.m. (French time) tonight to order the products you want to purchase as […]

P500 N°1 Gift!

Hello, everyone! We had a little surprise planned for the validation of the P500, but as the targeted amount hasn’t […]

P500 N°1 validated!

  Hello, everyone! It’s getting hot on the forum! As Yann announced between 2 messages and as you saw via […]

P500 N°1 – Kick-off

That’s it, here we go. Since 6pm, the first P500 Pig mode is launched!!!!! On the program, the reprints […]

P500 N°1

Well, here you go. The first P500s will start soon, precisely on Monday January 28, 2019 at 18:00 (GMT+1, French […]

PUNCHBOARD PREVIEW – Heroes of Normandie v2

  To start 2019 off right, we are pleased to unveil provisional visuals for the punchboards of Heroes of Normandie […]

P500 Pig mode…

    In 2019, while we finalize the production and delivery of Heroes of Stalingrad, we will gradually get back […]

The Gazette N°8 will be available on the US shop!

  Following the many exchanges I had today with American fans, we decided to send about a hundred Gazette N°8 […]