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Age of Towers : Quest Cards

You want to enlarge your tower? Are your neighbors richer than you? Quest cards are here to help you! * […]

Age of Towers : Road to Black Rock

Watch out, the monsters walk towards Black Rock! Arm the towers!

Age of Towers : Solo mode

Age of Towers has a solo mode!

The more recent news – 19 janvier

Drop Zone Shipping is over (after some difficulties with the French Postal Agency for European dispatch) for those who preordered […]

Age of Towers: Open the box, unleash the monsters!

Hello everybody! It is a special day for us, a day we are proud to show you some boxes! It […]

The paladins of the Ilyria Krak

Against the orc invasion the paladins of the Ilyria Krak will protect their mines to the end !  

April fools’ day

Hello everybody, As some well thought, the sticker album – Generals of World War II was a hoax 😉 More […]

Campagne Kickstarter Age of Towers

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.     Depuis quelques jours, la chasse aux Stretch Goals est, de nouveau, […]

First news about Age of Towers!

In the Celestial Order kingdom (you know it, at the right of the orcs who shout “KHARNAGE!”), our town at […]

Les cochons partent en festival : Cannes

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. Bonjour à tous, Le Festival International des Jeux de Cannes ouvrira ses […]