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Bragelonne takes over Kharnage and Age of Tower

A few months ago, we announced our intention to refocus on the games in the Heroes System range. However, we […]

Modification of the price list and Christmas offer

  As you may know, we have used the past few weeks to reorganize ourselves, to speed up projects that […]

News from the Devil Pigs…

Dear customers and supporters, it has been far too long since we have last communicated with you. Unfortunately, there is […]

Age of Towers Exclus

“Listen up everyone! Now that we have finished delivering the KS of Age of Towers, we have some remaining products! […]

Age of Towers : Scores

Last night, we too valiantly defended our cities, more or less… What’s your best score so far?

Age of Towers: The Beginning

The first games of Age of Towers have started! What is your first opinion about game?  

Age of Towers : How to store everything ?

                          Here is a method to store Age […]

Age of Towers : Hero for Rent

All the heroes are ready to help you for a handful of crystals! But don’t forget to pay them, they […]

Age of Towers : City of Wetlands

The City of Wetlands has remained hidden from other peoples of the region, even during the Kharnage era. It has […]

Age of Towers : Ploom Bundelbore

A magical university is not one without a great witch and Ploom Bumdelbore the Deputy Headmistress does not fail to […]