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Bryan is saved!


You saved Bryan, he is ready to kick some german butts!


You pledged 47€/36€, you will receive stuff for a value of 74€/63€ (+27€)


1) Add-ons

Now, the add-ons section is divided in 2 new sections:

– HoN + Heroes sytem

– SoN + Heroes system

But, you prefer I talk about the new add-ons of course 😉


 2) Shipping

A little news, only for Switzerland. We will consider you as Europe 😉 We begins to receive some news about new prices 😉



Do you want to save Bryan from the german badass? You, poor US soldiers, are you not afraid by his beautiful wife, his dear MG-42? You should.


posted by Axel the [02/12/2015]

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