Brother Servius and the psychic powers

Eyes blazing and fists crackling with the roiling energies of the Warp, Space Marine Librarians stride into battle to destroy their foes. Some hurl blasts of force that crush their victims to paste, while others twist the flow of time itself, or revitalise their brothers with incredible surges of vitality. However they choose to fight, all Librarians are powerful psykers, harnessing the potent mutation they bear as a force to defend Humanity.



Casting psychic power


Psychic Powers can only be cast by characters with the Psyker level special ability.



Psychic Powers are cast during the Activation Phase instead of taking a firing action. Casting a Psychic Power is not an alternate firing action like it is for suppressive fire and drains the caster, who will receive Suppressed markers.


Each faction (Imperium, Orks, Eldar and Chaos)
will have their own, unique, Psychic Powers and rules.


Casting Limits

After casting a Psychic Power, the caster takes as many Suppressed markers as indicated on the Psychic Power tile, in a similar way to how magic works in Shadows over Normandie.



Some special abilities and options can reduce the casting penalty.  Under no circumstances may the cost of a Psychic Power be less than 1 Suppressed marker.
Some Psychic Powers have a maximum number of uses, represented by a set number of markers associated with the Psychic Power. Once you’ve reached that number, you cannot cast the Psychic Power again until you recover at least one of its markers.
If the character casts a Psychic Power without a maximum number of uses before recovering the marker, then you should remove the marker from the unit it is on and put it on the new target.
When the caster is eliminated, all the markers related to his Psychic Powers are removed from the game and their effects cease immediately.


Key Differences from Magic in Shadows over Normandie

In Heroes of Black Reach a character may cast a Psychic Power even if it already has Suppressed markers.


An Example Psychic Test and Perils of the Warp

After casting a Psychic Power you must make a Psychic Test, but beware the Perils of the Warp!

After placing the Suppressed markers, but before resolving the Psychic Power effects, roll 1 die, add the caster’s Psyker Level and then subtract any Suppressed marker penalty.

If the final result is greater than 1, then nothing happens. Otherwise, the Perils of the Warp occur!
Draw one Perils of the Warp token and resolve it. Good luck!

Example Peril: Place 2 more Suppressed markers on the caster.


Ultramarines Primaris Power

Psychic Powers belong to disciplines such as Biomancy, Divination, Telekinesis, etc.

If a caster knows 2 Psychic Powers from the same discipline, then he gains that discipline’s Primaris Psychic Power for free.  Now, the caster has access to 3 Psychic Powers instead of 2.


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