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Bragelonne takes over Kharnage and Age of Tower

A few months ago, we announced our intention to refocus on the games in the Heroes System range. However, we wanted our other games from the Kharnage and Age of Towers universe to continue to live and develop. So we looked for a company willing to take over these games.

We are pleased to announce today that Bragelonne Games will now preside over the destiny of Kharnage and Age of Towers.

These products will disappear from our online store on January 31, 2019. However, the sections of the forum dedicated to them will remain open on our website.

posted by gduprez the [22/01/2019]

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7 Comments on “Bragelonne takes over Kharnage and Age of Tower”

  1. avatar 7. dafrca said :

    I hope for the best for both companies in this effort.

  2. avatar 6. gduprez said :

    @BTEX: On espère, mais c’est plus à nous (Devil Pig Games) de le dire… 😉

  3. avatar 5. BTEX said :

    Peut-on espérer de nouvelles sorties pour Kharnage ?

  4. avatar 4. LionSaurus said :

    Good move. Considering the size of DPG one should make sure not to overreach. HoN, HoS and HoBR are all great products and I think (hope) this will help you survive the harsh reality you had been forced to face earlier.

    Long live DPG and the Heroes system.

  5. avatar 3. eldarh said :

    Du coup la Faq passe aux oubliettes ?

  6. avatar 2. bartdevuyst said :

    Great news!

  7. avatar 1. Silverpaint68 said :

    Je viens d’apprendre en lisant cette news que Bragelonne a une section “jeux” 😉 déjà que leurs livres sont top, ça laisse de l’espoir.
    Heureux que ça permette à Kharnage et Age of Tower de continuer.
    Content pour les Cochons qui ont trouvé une solution qui va leur permettre de trouver du temps pour la gamme Heroes.