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Progress of the “Europe” dispatch

Dispatch Europe

We have exactly 316 orders left to ship.

Orders not shipped are related to pledgers who have not yet validated their addresses or those who have not provided their phone number.

For customers who have not yet validated their addresses, we have just carried out a reminder in the form of a second address validation, in order to remind latecomers that without this we do not ship.

Concerning the figures we are talking about 152 people for the address validation and 163 people for the number of such missing.

Feel free to contact us using the “Kickstarter” contact form so that we can send you your packages! But please send only one message: sending several messages only slows down the processing of them.


posted by gduprez the [11/02/2019]

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8 Comments on “Progress of the “Europe” dispatch”

  1. avatar 8. Ianth said :

    Hi I’ve left a message about my address regards ian

  2. avatar 7. Philip Ingram said :

    I bought in using Late Pledge and therefore do not appear to be able to access the Kickstarter. I have had no forms or other communication from you. My contact details all remain the same. Please send me the game.

  3. avatar 6. gduprez said :

    Envoi moi les éléments par MP…

  4. avatar 5. Skyarrow said :

    Pas de réponse.

  5. avatar 4. gduprez said :

    C’était bien le téléphone.
    Si tu as fait le mail, ça doit être traité et j’ai du te répondre.

  6. avatar 3. Skyarrow said :

    J’ai fait mon mail pour le tél qui doit être la raison au fait que je n’ai aucune news depuis le 04/02.

    Le prestataire qui livre rassurez moi il livre le samedi?

  7. avatar 2. gduprez said :

    Tu as ajouté ça ou? Si c’est dans le pledge manager ça sert à rien.
    Il faut m’envoyer l’info par les formulaires de contact « Kickstarter ».
    Merci de ta compréhension.

  8. avatar 1. mannawyddan said :

    Salut, j’ai rajouté mon n°de téléphone;) et mon pledge est valide.