Solo Mode is coming!

Hello Soldiers!   We heard you! To better introduce you to this last one, a word from Yann & Clem: […]

Upgrade pack for veterans!

Hello soldiers! We are so close to get the campaign funded! One more push boys, we almost did it! By […]

Heroes of Normandie – Big Red One Edition is live!

Hello soldiers!   “A fresh apple scent, the sound of the wind in the trees, the kiss of the sun […]

Heroes of Black Reach Bad Moon Stikers

Unfortunately, the Bad Moon stickers have been lost in the Warp during the production. We provide you a downloadable file […]

The Shadows League has a mission for you! (Completed)

Hello soldiers! If you are here, it’s because I personally selected you to help us prepare the ground for the […]

Heroes of Normandie Big Red One Edition Kickstarter pre-launch

Hello Soldiers! Heroes of Normandie: Big Red One edition is coming to Kickstarter on March 9th! Learn more about the […]

HoN – Big Red One Edition postponed by a week

Hello soldiers! As some of you may have seen, the launch of the Kickstarter campaign Heroes of Normandie – Big […]

We’re on Discord!

Hello Soldiers! The pigs invite you to join them on Discord! A new way to communicate, exchange and even play […]

[Contest] Thanks Soldiers!

Hello Soldiers! It is thanks to your support that the Devil Pig Commando was able to successfully extract itself from […]

World of Tanks: Miniatures Game!

Hello Soldiers! The Devil Pig team is pleased to announce the arrival of new games in the store! Thanks to […]