Preview: Ultramarine heavy vehicles

END OF THE PRIVATE PREORDERS : September 12th 2017

This week, we take you on the road of the Ultramarine tanks as the Predator! These units are included in the Heroes of Black Reach core box or in the Ultramarine Reinforcement!
It’s time to unleash the heavy vehicles!



The thunder of a Vindicator squadron opening fire is a truly apocalyptic sound. As each cannon lets fly, the very air vibrates with the report of its jury. Yet this is nothing to the cacophony of destruction that accompanies their ammunition’s earthshaking impact. As each of the siege-tanks’ shells slams home, it explodes with enormous force. Barricades are blown sky high and fortress walls reduced to so much rubble in an instant. Enemies caught at the heart of the blast simply cease to exist, obliterated utterly by the Vindicators’ fury. By then, the tanks are already advancing, enemy fire ricocheting off their siege shields as their autoloaders cycle, and their monstrous demolisher cannons prepare to fire again.


  • Demolisher cannons
  • Siege shield


Run my dear Orks!



The Razorback rolls into battle with its weapons charged and ready tofire. Its determined crw slam their vehicle through obstacles and over wreckage, keeping pace with the Adeptus Astartes’ advance. Meanwhile, inside the vehicle’s transport bay, its passengers ready themselves for the battle ahead. At the first sight of the enemy, the Razorback’s turret lights with fury, lascannon beams or salvoes of boit shells ripping across the battlefield. Skidding to a halt, the tank disgorges its passengers into combat, armoured warriors pounding into battle beneath the ferocious covering fire of their transport’s weaponry. As one, transport and passengers take the fight to the foe, their potent combination of anti-infantry and tank-hunting firepower swiftly tearing the enemy apart.

WEAPONS (Heavy bolter):

  • Twin-linked heavy bolter
WEAPONS (Lascannon):
  • Twin-linked lascannon


Razorback (right) and the twin-linked lascannon variant (left)



Rumbling through the smoke and flames of battle, the Predator tank hunts its prey. An adamantium beast, it stalks across ruined worlds and through tangled wildernesses, its guns tracking across the horizon. A swift and brutal fighting vehicle, the Predator provides the Space Marine Chapters with prodigious amounts of fire support. The battle tank’s heavy bolters and autocannon are the bane of infantry and light vehicles, while the Annihilator variant’s lascannons spell doom to any armoured enemy. There are few things that can stand before the combined might of a Predator Assassin Squadron – a trio of Predators – their Space Marine gunners creating interlocking kill-zones to bring down even massive xenos creatures or slab-sided war machines in a focussed barrage cannon fire.

WEAPONS (Predator):

  • Autocannon
  • Side sponsons: lascannons
WEAPONS (Annihilator):
  • Twin-linked lascannon
  • Side sponsons: heavy bolters


Predator (down) and the Annihilator variant (up).



The ground trembles and enemies flee in fear as the mighty Land Raider advances into battle. Massively armoured and all but unstoppable, the noble war engine smashes through walls and grinds over wreckage while drumming volley after volley of fire into the foe. Beams of incandescent energy slam into enemy tanks, knifing through their armoured hulls and reducing them to blazing fireballs. Thudding bolt shells punch into the flesh of the foe before detonating in shocking sprays of gore. The kill count climbs with each passing moment as the Land Raider advances across the war zone, especially once the tank’s assault ramp slams down and its Adeptus Astartes passengers charge out to add to the carnage.

WEAPONS (Land Raider):

  • Twin-linked heavy bolters
  • Two twin-linked lascannons

WEAPONS (Crusader):

  • Twin-linked assault cannon
  • Two hurricane bolters
  • Frag assault launchers
WEAPONS (Redeemer):
  • Twin-linked assault cannon
  • Two flamestorm cannons
  • Frag assault launchers


A Land Raider Crusader (right), a Land Raider (right) and a “small” Predator (middle) are attacking an Ork Stompa. Poor Stompa.


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  1. avatar 4. Axel said :

    @ Keasar

    Not for now, but maybe after ^^ The Warhammer 40,000 is really really really BIG ^^ It is not possible to do everything at the release, but many things will appear during the following months/years 😉

  2. avatar 3. Axel said :

    Thanks Quickle for the typo I made in the picture informations 😉

  3. avatar 2. Quickle said :

    There is a typo/mistake made for the Land Raider Redeemer. The art depicts a Land Raider (twin-linked heavy bolters and 2 twin-linked lascannons).

    You can see on GamesWorkshop’s website:
    Land Raider (matches art):
    Land Raider Redeemer:

  4. avatar 1. Keasar said :

    Won’t the Marines get any walkers? Like an Imperial Knight?