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Download section upgrade

The Devil Pig Games website evolves ! The new download section changes and will offer you new possibilities :

  • One section per game to welcome Shadows over Normandie
  • Scenarios, Campaign and Compilation section, official of fan-made
  • Add-On section : all to add new possibilities !
  • Rules section : to find quickly the last version or game help
  • Wallpaper section for computer, tablet and smartphone
  • Development Kit section : it will welcome all necessary files to create your own scenario, your own units, recruitment tiles, etc.
  • Fan-art gallery : send us your creations in order to community can see it !

On top of that, you have already begun to manage your collection. Now, it is easier to add something to your collection because all you will buy on our website will be added automatically, or you can add a product by clicking on this symbol :


will become


Now, don’t wait any longer to share your creations !If necessary, ask the community to help you for layout 😉 if you cannot do it.


One word : Share !


During the next weeks, many scenarios and fan creations will appear on the website, our priority is you ! Then, we will try to add official contents regularly.

One last thing, the launch of a new website section is not without errors or bugs, so, if you take one in your net, sen dit to us ! And is you have a good idea, share it with us.

Have a good game !

posted by Axel the [09/06/2015]

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4 Comments on “Download section upgrade”

  1. avatar 4. michmuch said :

    Pour votre information, le lien pour le téléchargement “TOURNOI 1ER OPJH MARS 2015 : BATTLEFIELD 2” est mort.
    Sinon merci pour cette évolution.

  2. avatar 3. ironkastel said :

    Un GRAND GRAND MERCI,c’est très agréable pour les recherches.On est trop gaté,mais j’adore ça 😉

  3. avatar 2. Axel said :

    Je suis en vérification des fichiers existants et derrière je vous rajoute toutes les campagnes, matériels que vous avez créés 😉

    I am verifying the existing stuff and after I will add all the fan-made campaigns, units, recruitment options you created 😉

  4. avatar 1. thia74 said :

    Ca déchire un tigre !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!