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Hello soldiers!



> A Pig Back From Hell

As announced in last month’s update, we confirm that production will be at the end of October. After that, the packages will be prepared for transport to our distributors.

All bonus scenarios promised at the end of the campaign will be put online next month. A news will be posted on the official website of Devil Pig Games.

> P500 and Heroes of Black Reach

Production of P500 and Heroes of Black Reach will be completed by the end of November.


#Online Store

The Devil Pig online store is currently being cut for a big cleanup. We are going to start again on good bases by starting by putting everything back in order on the website.

We will inform you as soon as the store is available again!


#Are you interested in new scenarios?

We are going to put online, for free, 3 scenarios: 1 for each of your favorite games – Heroes of Stalingrad, Heroes of Normandie and Shadows over Normandie!

Each of these scenarios comes from one of the 3 campaigns in the booklet that all backers of the A Pig Bag From Hell campaign will receive. In order to thank the whole community for its loyalty, we suggest you choose one scenario per game by voting now here:


> http://bit.ly/Scenarios-form


Make the right choices!

Be sure to vote before Friday, October 23rd!


Devil Pig team

posted by Twane33 the [15/10/2020]

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6 Comments on “A Pig Back From Hell – News”

  1. avatar 6. Private Fred said :

    A voté ! Les scénarios ont l’air bien gourmand-croquant !

  2. avatar 5. Tinippa said :

    When do we get the sniper mission that was promised for HoS? Or have I missed something?

  3. avatar 4. philoute56 said :

    oui cela sent le sapin

  4. avatar 3. Silverpaint68 said :

    Et ça c’est fait 😉 Les scénarios sont super. Merci.

    On attend la suite avec patience.

    @lex-talionis : tu veux quoi comme genre de scénario pour HoB ?

  5. avatar 2. lex-talionis said :

    Que du bonheur!

    Quand les P500 finiront par arriver de leur côté, ce serait cool d’avoir aussi 1 ou 2 scénars pour Black Reach.

  6. avatar 1. Axe said :

    On aura de quoi mettre sous le sapin 😀