A Pig Back From Hell

[A Pig Back From Hell] 🐷🔥
Our next campaign will be live in a week on #Kickstarter on Tuesday, April 28th! We need you soldiers!
➡️ You’ll be able to get 4 new card games for a more fluid gameplay (compatible with #HeroesOfNormandie#ShadowsOfNormandie and #HeroesOfStalingrad):
👉 4 decks version 2.0 to upgrade the most famous wargames of #DevilPig!
Get the 2 new basic US and GE decks, or opt for a complete rearmament with the 4 decks 2.0, including the units of the basic games – American and German – but also the British troops and the new faction FFI (French Resistance).

posted by yann the [22/04/2020]

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6 Comments on “A Pig Back From Hell”

  1. avatar 6. Alan Hume said :

    Backed this last night when it went live, as did my buddy Rod. We’re both looking forward to the new cards (and it was a real treat to see what appears to be the cover for HON 2nd Edition, The Big Red One

  2. avatar 5. VA-Norm said :

    Apparently you will not have delivered on your Kickstarter from 2 years ago before you launch this next one.

    Maybe a little more effort to close the loop on Stalingrad would be warranted.

  3. avatar 4. Eclo said :

    FFI cards is a great idea. Hopefully a storage box and sleeves are included for the FFI

  4. avatar 3. Colhammer said :

    Cool! I definetly want those!

  5. avatar 2. Axe said :

    Waw. J’adore les cartes FFI présentées. En plus ne plus devoir trier les cartes avant commencer, c’est vraiment un plus pour la jouabilite

  6. avatar 1. voxer said :

    would be nice if this kickstarter also has the card storage boxes with covers.