Heroes of Stalingrad Available now!

Discord Tournament on Tabletop Simulator !

We have a Tournament going on from the 9th April to the 9th of May! You have until April 15th […]

HoBr Additional Rules

After the bolters’ rain and the flame went out to purify Xenos and Heretics… The drop pods of Humanity’s Finest […]

Aviation Rules

Why do all German soldiers photographed in Normandy have their eyes glued to the sky, and why do they take […]

Last Hours!

“As the bullets of the last german bunker fly over your head, you see the remaining braves and the rest […]

Solo Mode Unlocked!

Attentiioooon, at ease Soldiers! It’s good news coming straight from HQ! Good news indeed!  Solo moooooddeeeee is here!!! Congratulations everyone, […]

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